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Do you know that your dog is left alone at night in most boarding facilities?  They have security systems for the building but if a dog is in distress they won’t know until the next morning.

This really hit home recently when a boarding dog at Grandma’s became ill.  In the evening (after most workers in other kennels have gone home) we observed that the dog had not eaten and wouldn’t drink.  He was drooling in an odd way.  He tried to get in his bed but was staggering. We had no idea what was wrong but knew we needed to get to a veterinary hospital.  By two a.m., after many tests, it was concluded he had a stroke.

Now we know lots of kennels have owners or managers who live on the property.  We have done that in the past, but naturally, we slept in our house at night.  Once, a dog chewed a hole in his blanket and proceeded to get his foot twisted in the hole.  It is called a tourniquet injury.  It was morning before we discovered him caught in the blanket.

We believe that staying with boarding dogs all night sets us apart and above other kennels.  We may have had a bit of luck so far but we like to think that our knowledge is also a factor. When considering the pros and cons of boarding facilities, we hope customers decide our vigilance outweighs outdoor play yards or swimming pools.