431 Cabot Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Our Expertise

Grandma’s Dog Daycare is owned and operated by Paula Geary, an American Kennel Club puppy instructor with years of experience in training, handling and boarding dogs.

Assisting Paula with the day-to-day operation of Grandma’s is Kise Geary, Paula’s eldest son, who is also an experienced dog trainer. Kise does ‘day training’ for dogs in daycare and in-home training dealing with specific issues.

How we got started

Paula and Kise are both Colorado natives. In l997, Paula moved to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to continue her 33-year career as an association manager. She is a Life Member of American Association of Association Executives and a Certified Association Manager.

Kise moved to Virginia a few years later and their journey in the dog business began when Kise was gifted with a Beagle pup. He took the pup to training class and began to get interested in dog obedience training. That evolved into the purchase of a dog kennel and training facility in Edinboro, PA, where they both did private and class training. Paula is authorized as a puppy trainer by American Kennel Club and as a trainer of Canine Life and Social Skills by Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She is also an evaluator for Canine Good Citizen.

But Paula really wanted a dog daycare where all the dogs could play together. They found a facility on South Side in Pittsburgh and started Grandma’s Dog Daycare in 2011.  Customer demand drove them to add overnight boarding, but in a unique way.

“Dogs become friends during daycare so it is safe for them to have a slumber party at night,” Kise explains. The dogs fall asleep on the couches or dog beds or wherever they are comfortable. The Gearys stay with them during the night to make sure peace prevails.  No more than five dogs are boarded at a time.

“We would be uncomfortable leaving the dogs at night. For one thing, dogs don’t get sick only during business hours,” Paula points out.  “Most boarding kennels feed the dogs and then the people go home.  But if a dog doesn’t eat it can be a sign that something is off. If I’m not with them after dinner, how would I know?”

Perhaps the greatest asset the Gearys offer clients is the years of observing dogs 24/7. More than once Paula has been the first to notice when a dog isn’t feeling so hot. Paula maintains that you can look at a dog’s face and know if it doesn’t feel good.

Many of Grandma’s customers have been regulars for years. When boarding their dogs they return to Grandma’s even though they may have moved away from South Side. Dogs from Cranberry and Moon and Wexford come back every few months for days or weeks because both owners and dogs know they will be loved, cared for, maybe spoiled by their daycare grandma and her son.