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My neighbor, two doors down, invited her next door neighbor to bring his dog into her yard to play with Butch.  From what I gathered, this was a first for both dogs.

I couldn’t see, but could hear the following:

Growl, growl, snarl, Butch!  GROWL, Butch! Down Butch, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Growl, Sit, Sit, Good Boy, Butch!, Sit Butch, Down, Down, Butch Come Here, Growl, Growl, Growl.

That went on for the entire time the dogs were together.

There is a better way to introduce neighboring dogs.

mis photos 003Set a date with your neighbor to meet outside and walk the dogs down the street.  [Use the street, not a sidewalk.]

Let one dog start off about ten feet ahead and go slowly enough for the next dog to catch up. If the following dog wants to smell the other dog’s rear, that’s fine. If that seems too big a leap for the two dogs then just walk parallel with lots of space between dogs. Don’t fuss at the dogs. Keep Quiet and Relaxed.  Walk for a bit, gradually coming closer together until the four of you are actually strolling along as you would with friends.

This is a Pack Walk and is the best way to introduce dogs that you hope will play together.  If the owners remain relaxed, the dogs will too.  Take a couple of these walks and the dogs should be ready to play but remember to be Quiet and Relaxed when they are in the yard together.