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Tucker on side grooming

Tucker with grooming suppliesHavanese with grooming supplies
If you are like me, I put off brushing and baths even though I have a wash-and-wear Beagle. But, when he’s shedding, brushing is back-breakingly endless.
Fine haired dogs don’t shed but they knot and matte. They need to be brushed every day or two. Mattes can get so bad under the arms that when the dog moves the skin is pulled. You wouldn’t wish that on your Best Friend, would you?
Here is a great idea I saw at a friend’s house.
It was a small grooming table outfitted with all you’ll need. I found it outstanding because, first of all, it is tucked in the corner of the living room. Without a family room, the living room or kitchen are good choices. You are there, the dog is there, and the radio or TV is here. You don’t need to plan ahead. Just grab you dog, sit him on the grooming table and get going. My friend says if her fuzzy ten-pound dog gets brushed every other day it only takes five or ten minutes.
If you have a small dog you don’t need much space for the table. Big breeds are a different matter but putting their table where you spend a lot of time will help you stay motivated.
The pictures show the small grooming table is at a perfect height for the brusher. The rod that holds the loop has a carrousel attached holding combs, brushes, scissors, and various sprays. There are products to soften hair, break up mattes and who knows what else. Ask your groomer for suggestions and keep trying products until you find the ones that suit you. All I can say is, don’t think that one brush and a nail clipper is all you’ll need. After all, this is for your convenience so you need all the supplies you really like.
If you question the cost, remember that groomers charge extra for a matted dog and you will get an appointment easier that people whose dogs are a mess. Your brushes will last for years and your products last months. The table and carrousel should never wear out.
I figure I’ll wear out pretty soon if I keep bending over to brush the Beagle. Of course a table that goes up and down will save having to lift Mr. Chubs. Maybe I can find one on Craig’s List!