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Allie plays with toys on the couch

Observing dogs at rest and play inspires Grandma to give you a list of the five things most dogs really, really like. Some of them you know but some may surprise you.

These are not in order by price or preference because different dogs will choose different favorites. But over many years we have observed dozens of dogs that will choose these items above all others.

PIGGY.  This toy Squeaks and Oinks!  All size dogs dig it. Naturally they will take the squeakers out but they like it even after they “kill” it.

TAIL TEASER is one I’ve mentioned for years. Get it for any dog that loves the chase.  But get it for yourself because it is a toy that you can entertain your dog with even if you are sitting in your living room. The toy is a fuzzy squeaking thing. It is on a string connected to a wand. You can run it along the floor or pop it in the air while your dog goes nuts trying to catch it. Worth every penny.

BONE SHAPED PILLOW. Bet you didn’t think of this as a thing your dog will love,  but he likes to have a place to sometimes rest his neck and head. You can get his name embroidered on it too. 

LASER LIGHT is the least expensive gift but, again, dogs that love the chase love a laser light. Of course, you will be involved in moving the light. It isn’t dangerous if you don’t shine it in a dog’s eyes. Great for bad weather when you want to run your dog indoors.

INTERACTIVE (PUZZLE) TOYS.  All types and prices are available at pet stores and online. When choosing, consider if your dog can use his nose or his paws to get the treats. Best treat to use with these is homemade hot dog bits baked to a crisp in the microwave. They can be as tiny as ¼ of a thin slice of hot dog which means your dog can play with the toy many times without filling up on treats.