431 Cabot Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15203



So it’s Monday afternoon and we are still drying out from the rain at Lucky’s Dog Festival yesterday.

We have paperwork and supplies drying on every surface. I have dollar bills drying out that were inside my snapped billfold which was inside a bag under the canopy!

We stayed in our booth until 4:15 p.m. and then started loading as the rain increased. By the time we loaded and got back to the kennel we were so soaked that even our socks were dripping.

Other than that, the festival was a success and plenty of people were there. Kise designed a new game that was lots of fun. People had to answer questions about a breed of dog which they picked by draw. The answer that most people got wrong was what the Chihuahua was named for. A majority thought it was Spanish for “Tiny Barker.”

As a game prize, we gave out slip leads. We explained to people that they could keep them in their cars for that time when they saw a stray dog or when they took off after their own escapee dog. [Many is the time I jumped in my car to give chase to Kiyu as she left to explore the neighborhood. I knew I always had a slip lead… if I could catch her!]

Here’s a coincidence: at the dog festival yesterday, a dog without a leash walked right past our booth! A lady, also without a leash, was in pursuit. We rushed to give her our slip lead and the last we saw, lady and the captured dog were headed toward Carson Street.

Thanks to our customers and their dogs who stopped at our booth to say hello and especially to Carol, Bella’s person, who helped in our booth Sunday. Carol, and Pam who owns Tucker, also helped design the new game. In fact, Pam spent hours looking up facts and writing the questions that made the game so much fun.

We have never ever had decent weather for this dog festival. Wonder what next year will be like.