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If you adopted a dog to make his life better then start doing it! Your dog needs walks, training, toys and games and if you aren’t providing those then reconsider your relationship. If you think all your dog wants is to watch TV, I have to tell you that is really Dumb. So get off your behind and play a game that your dog likes.

Since I’m Decades older than you, I have to say that if I can play with my dog then you can sure as hell can play with yours.

First game is “Go Find.” Put your dog in a sit/stay and go into another room and put tiny piles of dog kibble in easy hiding places. Behind chair legs, on top of his bed, on the edge of the baseboard. Then return to him and tell him to Go Find. You may have to help him at first but he is going to love this game. Soon he’ll know what Go Find means and he’ll be off and running once you release him from the stay.
Second game is to put 3 paper/plastic cups in a row and put a treat under one and have him select the right one. If he’s really good at this, keep making it harder. His nose is his GPS so he’ll be hard to trick.

Our former dog loved it when we would throw a blanket over him and poke him. He always knew which direction the poke was coming from and would be ready to bite. (The blanket protected the person and the dog knew it was a game so wasn’t trying to inflict harm.) This game reminds you that dogs have a sense of humor!

Another game that your dog enjoys is going over all the stuff she learned in training class. You should be doing this once a week anyway. You paid money for training but that doesn’t mean it is one and done. Obedience trick review is entertainment you can enjoy together.