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dog-and-leash-150x150[1]I’m declaring March 6 as Dog Collar Day. It’s a day to do a couple of things to make your dog safe and comfortable.

Adjust the size of her collar. You should be able to slip two fingers (but no more) under the collar. Dogs outgrow their collars as they grow up or put on weight. Check the size frequently.
On the other hand, collars stretch as dogs wear them and a dog can back right out of a collar that is too lose. A dog off leash with no collar can be a frightening and dangerous situation.

Too lose collars can also catch a dog’s paw when it scratches or ensnare another dog during play time. I’ve even seen dogs get their lower jaw in under the collar and not be able to free themselves.

Next, clean up the collar – and the leash too.

Run your finger along the edges and feel for plastic thread that has worked its way out. To get rid of the threads that might poke your dog’s neck, use an emery board or finger nail file and smooth them away.

Use hand soap and a scrub brush or tooth brush and give the inside and outside of collar and leash a good scrubbing. Rinse under the tap and repeat until the water runs clear. Squeeze out water with your fingers and then with a towel.

The collar should be dry before you put it back on your dog. A hair dryer speeds up the process.

If you have a leather collar or lead, saddle soap will do the job.