431 Cabot Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Our 1500-square-foot indoor facility provides all dogs, large and small, with plenty of room to romp, roam and have fun. Leaving your furry family member with us is “just like being at home” with plenty of indoor playtime and while you’re away or at work. At Grandma’s, dogs rule!

So, what is a “typical” day at Grandma’s?

The first dog to arrive will get a filled Kong toy to keep her entertained until another dog arrives. There is lots of barking and sniffing as each dog shows up. Invitations to play are made with the traditional “play bow,” or the offer of the other end of a tug toy. Organized games like “Fetch,” “I’m Gonna Get You” and “Let’s Dance” and disorganized games with other dogs, like “Chase Me,” “Tug” and “King of the Hill.”

Story time with Grandma.

Grandma likes to read nursery rhymes to dogs. Here is one that makes dogs giggle.

Humpty Dumpty peed on a wall. Humpty Dumpty was very tall. And a all the king’s Corgies and all the king’s Pugs had to settle for peeing on the rugs.

We play AND we have doggie nap time.

Dogs will jump on furniture, romp around the playroom and chew til their heart’s content. Doggie nap time happens at some point in the day – usually mid-day after a morning full of good times. There are plenty of soft blankets, laps and other dogs to snuggle.

GOAL FOR DAYCARE: Send your dog home tired and happy and ready to enjoy a calm rest of her day with you!