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About Us

What does the word grandma mean to you?

We named our business Grandma’s because to us it means security, love, fun – and cookies!

Grandma is the person who holds you on her lap and tells you that you are the goodest, sweetest, prettiest, smartest and very best child in the whole wide world.

That’s pretty much what we tell the dogs in daycare. When one pees on the artificial grass you would think they had invented the printing press. When they sit for a treat they get both the treat and a hearty round of applause.

When they are naughty they get the same tisk, tisk that my grandma used. When they are Very Naughty they have a time out. Of course, time out wasn’t thought of decades ago but I was never Very Naughty anyway.

My own Grandmother was all the things we love about grandparents.

Once, my seven-year-old cousin Mark came to stay with her while his parents went on a trip. Mark’s mother was a neat freak and Mark was expected to be a model child.

Therefore it was something of a shock when he came into Grandmother’s house looking like he’d rolled in the pig pen. Grandmother’s only remark was, “Mark’s on vacation: he can be clean at home.”

We do have a somewhat liaise-fair attitude at daycare. If a dog wants to sleep under the desk in the lobby, we let her. The old dogs get memory foam beds and don’t have to go in the pens with the rowdy dogs. When “Big” Bella wanted to visit the puppies, we allowed all 100 pounds of her to mosey into the small dog pen and snooze on the couch with eight- pound Allie.

As for cookies, you bet. And, on summer days, we pass out ice cubes that are good for tossing games as well as munching.

There is one big difference between grandma at daycare and a kid’s grandma: the kid’s grandma doesn’t scratch the kid on the butt.

Grandma’s Dog Daycare & Boarding is a special place for special dogs. Located on Pittsburgh’s South Side, we provide a lovingly supervised, cage-free environment to ensure that friendly dogs socialize with each another and get plenty of exercise throughout the day. At Grandma’s, we try to make your dog’s visit just like home, with lots of indoor room to play or relax with friends. Daycare is closed Wednesdays. This doesn’t affect boarding.

Call us at 412-737-1671!