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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Hey Sports Nuts!

Bitch New York has collar charms for every NFL team. Would these make great last-minute stocking stuffers or what?!? Go to the site by clicking the photo below and select “Sports Gear” to see the charms and more. Is your dog a Steelers fan?  How about a black and gold stocking cap? 

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A poem to entertain your dog

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Here’s a poem by Jack Russell your dog may like.                        Paddy was a Corgie. Paddy was a Thief. Paddy went to my house and stole my chip of beef. I went to Paddy’s house but Paddy wasn’t home I got that dog back: I took his nylabone!  

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Over the river and through the woods…

dog licks grandma's mouth

What does the word grandma mean to you? We named our business Grandma’s because to us it means security, love, fun – and cookies! Grandma is the person who holds you on her lap and tells you that you are the goodest, sweetest, prettiest, smartest and very best child in the whole wide world. That’s […]

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