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So it’s Monday afternoon and we are still drying out from the rain at Lucky’s Dog Festival yesterday. We have paperwork and supplies drying on every surface. I have dollar bills drying out that were inside my snapped billfold which was inside a bag under the canopy! We stayed in our booth until 4:15 p.m. […]

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Over the river and through the woods…

dog licks grandma's mouth

What does the word grandma mean to you? We named our business Grandma’s because to us it means security, love, fun – and cookies! Grandma is the person who holds you on her lap and tells you that you are the goodest, sweetest, prettiest, smartest and very best child in the whole wide world. That’s […]

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Paws to Consider

When Grandma was a pup (yes, my Dad called me that so maybe that explains why I am in the dog business) a manual typewriter was  the method of written correspondence.  Articles went into the newspaper or the trash.  Most of mine got printed because I was a journalism graduate from University of Colorado who […]

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