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Why teach a dog to “Find It.”

Legitimate question.  A dog can find a treat no bigger than a pencil eraser and a shred of cheese on the floor is easy. So why on earth would we have a training class called SNIFF IT?

As a beagle owner, I have dogs that are born to use their noses but they don’t have a field of rabbits to hunt so they spend most of their days sleeping on the couch.  When we first took one (Kiyu) to a scent class, we figured she’d do well but we didn’t realize what JOY it would bring her.  When her turn came to look in the boxes to find a scent (it wasn’t food related) she was so enthused and happy that she fairly danced through the course.  Then when she found the scent and got so much praise from my son she looked as though her little heart would burst with pride.

Every dog wins in scent class because it is using inbred talents.

Owner and dog are doing an activity together that is only positive.

Dogs never get in trouble for finding the wrong box or wandering off course.

Owners enjoy seeing how fast their dogs can find a scent, learn new scents and some teams even go on to amazing “parlor tricks.” Some dogs aren’t as good at it as others but every dog can succeed.

Dogs need brain exercise as well as physical exercise. Finding a hidden scent in a new place really does give them mental exercise.  But,Find It there are no drills or homework.

Other dog skills can be used in the activities. The dog needs to Stay while you hide a scent and a Sit or Down or Retrieve can be worked in too.

After the classroom, the SNIFF IT activities are easily transferred to your house, your yard or wherever you wish.  The more new places, the more fun.

Watch your couch potato jump for joy with the simple cue of “Find It.”

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