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DOG COOKING IN CHEF HATHomemade dog treats delight my two dogs.  Of course they try to help in the kitchen which doesn’t work out so well.  Right now my kitchen smells like garlic because I made dog fries the other day.

Here’s how to make dog fries which, unlike store treats, won’t cost you much at all.

Peel and slice about four potatoes into fries.  Toss with 2 Tbls vegetable oil and 1 Tbl garlic powder.   Bake at 400.  They tend to stick so turn them about every 7 minutes.  When they are brown, about 30 minutes, they are ready.  Put paprika on top.

The dogs are happy to eat them cold and/or limp.  Freeze if you want.

No, I’m not smart enough to make up a recipe. This is from Three Dogs Bakery.  I’ve used their cookbook for years and my dogs get excited when I get the cookbook off the shelf.

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