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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Doggie Pool Party

Photo by ArkansasShutterbug

Yippee, Pool Party! Your dog may take these words as an invitation to jump into the middle of kids playing “Marco Polo” or as her time to scout for crumbs under deck chairs. Either way, some water safety tips are in order. Some dogs don’t like to swim. And some shouldn’t. One day Buddy, a […]

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Out to Dinner

Photo by Lulu Hoeller

Baxter and Kiyu, the Beagles, accompanied my son, Kise, and me to dinner last night.  They’ve been out for coffee before but this was their first restaurant dinner experience. We went to Mullany’s Harp & Fiddle in The Strip District, where we met up with a number of nice dogs and their owners who are […]

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Paws to Consider

When Grandma was a pup (yes, my Dad called me that so maybe that explains why I am in the dog business) a manual typewriter was  the method of written correspondence.  Articles went into the newspaper or the trash.  Most of mine got printed because I was a journalism graduate from University of Colorado who […]

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